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Red Vine Flower on Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Women
Half Sleeve Tattoo designs come with a lot of pictures and styles. Most of the popular ones amongst them are the tribal ones, black sleeve design, and Maori Polynesian tattoo design. This type of tattoo is called half sleeve, because it only covers the top part of your arm and not full arm. The designs or colors used for half sleeve tattoo designs are usually very much in contrast with one another. Since it is not too big and only covers half of the top part of the arm, people want to make it as nice as possible. Half Sleeve Tattoo on Celebrities There are a lot of celebrities these days that uses this particular style of tattoo, for example David Beckham and Eminem. David Beckham first had a half sleeve tattoo for his arm as well, but after a while it got fuller and it became a full sleeve tattoos. Most of his tattoos revolved around his family, Victoria Beckham (wife) and his children, along with Sanskrit, angels and roman numbers that he has on his arm. Eminem also has a half sleeve tattoo designs that he use on his arm. By the look of it, it could be for a remembrance of someone that he loved that already passed away because there is a name and a R.I.P words in it all in black and white shadings and skulls design. It is very much nicely done, the colors, the shadings and the fonts of the person he loss. R.I.P tattoo done as a half sleeve could be a nice memory too for remembering the person you love that has already passed away.

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